The dc-cycles Mailing List

dc-cycles is an unmoderated email discussion list about motorcycling in the Washington D.C. area. The list is available in an undigested form where messages go out to subscribers as soon as they're posted, and in a digest form containing a whole days worth of dc-cycles postings. People on the digest list get one mail message a day, that message contains every posting made in the last 24 hours. People on the "undigested" list get the postings as soon as they are made, and so get lots of email messages throughout the day. People like to be on the digest list to cut down on the number of email messages they receive, people like to be on the undigested list because it is more interactive, and they can be part of discussions as they take place in "real-time".

5-10 messages a day is typical during warm weather, traffic is sometimes lower in winter, sometimes significantly higher if someone mentions helmet laws, rookie cops, sex, or baklava (or combinations thereof).

New List Management Software!

The list is now run by different list management software. For details, see How to subscribe/unsubscribe, or just visit dc-cycles Web Admin Interface.

Da Rules

  1. No off-topic postings. dc-cycles is about motorcycling in the DC area, but anything relevant to motorcycling is "close enough". If it's not about motorcycling, you'll need to find a more appropriate forum for your question or comment.
  2. No bitch-slapping on the list. When it gets "personal", it ceases to be about motorcycling (see Rule 1 above). Take it to private email.
  3. Buy/sell postings are perfectly acceptable if the item is motorcycling-related and is personal property (not part of a continuing business).
  4. There is no rule 4.

dc-cycles archives

Look here for recent digests.

Look here for archives of the dc-cycles list dating back to 1995.

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